Despina Nazou: sensitive to the common concerns of Mykonos

I was born in 1967 and have resided permanently in Mykonos since 1994.

I am a social anthropologist with a degree from the School of Philosophy of the University of Crete, with postgraduate study, a doctoral thesis and postdoctoral research experience at the University of the Aegean.

Today I work as a Contracted Lecturer in the Department of Maritime and Business Services in Chios (University of the Aegean), as well as Teacher in the Postgraduate Studies Program, “Programming, Design and Policy in Tourism”, in the Department of Business Administration in Chios (University of the Aegean). I also work in collaboration with the teaching body of the Hellenic Open University.

Being particularly sensitive to the common concerns of Mykonos, for the democracy on the island, but also as a citizen with a view and specialised knowledge on tourism development, I participated in the editorial committee of the newspaper, THE MYKONIATIKI (1988-2001).

My love for our local cultural heritage, as well as my deep conviction that the democratic conscience of citizens is cultivated through a variety of collectivities, have guided me in my long term active involvement in the Cultural-Folkloric Women’s Association of Mykonos through various roles, both within and outside of the Managing Committee.

I have never been a “professional” politician whose goal is the achievement of the mayoral or other chair. I have wanted to retain a clear, discriminating gaze on public life in Mykonos and public action that is far from corruption and conflict of interest. However, I have always remained visible in the local community through my various public activities such as the Union of Mykonian Citizens, which stopped the scandalous development of the marina at Ai-Haralambis, as well as cultural activities such as the Cinema Club of Mykonos.

I have always been present on the political stage when times demanded it, as much by my candidacy for local councillor in the Mykonian Citizens Movement in 1998, as for and through my candidacy on the voting ticket of SYRIZA in the parliamentary elections of 2007. I am again present as leader of the Mykonos Active Citizens Movement after the collaborative decision of a large number of citizens and their strong encouragement.

I live in Mykonos with my family: my husband Giorgos Xydakis and my seven year old son, Galatis.

The demands of research and teaching in the ever suffering Greek tertiary education sector where I work, my public activity in the life of the “ill-fated” Mykonos, and my family obligations leave very little free time for hobbies and other things.

I am very consciously aware that my election to Mykonos Council will demand from me time and work. I will endeavour to fulfil this duty with the reliability and the methodical approach that I have learned to work in the demanding arena of academia and as a citizen for the improvement of our day to day life.

Συντάκτης: kepom

Η Κίνηση Ενεργών Πολιτών Μυκόνου έχει έδρα τη Μύκονο.


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