This movement of KEPOM*, is an amazing movement

Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the group. They are published in the context of healthy and transparent dialogue and responsibility remains with the authors.

Text and photos by Sharon Graham

Makis Morakis opened up the evening by thanking everyone for coming and wishing them an enjoyable evening.

He introduced all the members of the team and set the tone for Despina to begin.

‘Hello everybody, you all know me as the mother of Galatis, the daughter of Dimitra and the wife of Yiorgos. I am a social anthropologist and a teacher at the Aegean University and I love green tea.’

‘I am also a Mykonian and I try hard to combine my duties at the university and my family and as a member of KEPOM*. ‘We are trying to change the status quo of Mykonos and as a group we are both alternative and progressive.”

The problems we face include garbage, public spaces, education and better tourism.’ ‘We are democratic unlike the other parties and we fight for action against corruption, economical scandal and for transparency in the Town Hall. For quality tourism, environment and for the ‘others’ like yourselves who are not Mykonians.

We try to be grounded and can offer no big promises but we will try to change many things which will be difficult as the current structure is very strong.’‘This is not a party but rather a citizens movement. It was not my dream to be mayor but I find myself the representative of 32 peoples minds, sentiments and energies. That is the difference.’ It was a night full of energy and animated conversation. Dimitri Rousounelos was very specific on the voting system and offered a lot of useful advise for Sunday. He is also the main man for communications on the team.

The turnout was the best of all four candidates in terms of numbers. There were many questions asked and answered. It seemed to me that it was a group where all were equal and all had a voice as strong as the next. There was a respect and an awareness that something new was taking place. The emphasis was on being a responsible citizen. That we all could help to change things for the better.

Anna Kammi president of the Women group had a lot of important points to add to the conversation including mentioning the yearly complaints letter the women send to the mayor and in particular a letter written one year to complain that the brochure of Mykonos that year had nothing cultural in it and no reference to Delos. In fact it seemed to concentrate mainly on the nightlife and decadence. The mayors reply was “ I know many kings, princes, presidents and priests who come to Mykonos for”

The group said that the other three candidates all come from the same philosophy and background and all had the same abilities and disabilities. That they continue to repeat the same promises.And that they are all dependant on political parties that are now responsible for the Greek Tragedy that is with us.

Their main reason for being against the other parties is that they do not trust them and that they do not believe they can change their old mentality.

Finally Despina said ‘I am a realist and a pragmatist. There is a clan structure here that is difficult to break and overcome but this movement is an amazing movement and all of us here have the power to make change happen.
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the best of luck to you!!!


*KEPOM: “Mykonos Active Citizens’ Movement”

Συντάκτης: kepom

Η Κίνηση Ενεργών Πολιτών Μυκόνου έχει έδρα τη Μύκονο.


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