HELP keep Mykonos clean. RECYCLE NOW!



Do you wish for  recycling on the island?

Would you like to help keep Mykonos clean?

If  so…

Be an active member of the Social Cooperative  MECONOS!

Assist in recycling at the source.

Decide on the profits of the cooperative which will be solely returned to community  needs.

You can participate:

By separating recyclable items at home and in the workplace – in collaboration with the Social Cooperative MECONOS which undertakes the transport, you keep Mykonos clean.

By offering, only once, a small share, you become full member of the Social Cooperative  MECONOS and turn this recyclable profit into community wealth.

We address ourselves to all the residents, the households and the businesses of Mykonos to embrace this endeavor.

We call the citizens to the founding assembly on

Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. in Grypario Cultural Center.

Join us and better our world!

The co-ordinating committee

Contact: 6942012364, 6974882052

Συντάκτης: kepom

Η Κίνηση Ενεργών Πολιτών Μυκόνου έχει έδρα τη Μύκονο.


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