Gery Μποζώνη: in KEPOM we have developed a worthwhole plan, with very specific proposals to make Mykonos a better and more humane place for all of us

Ομιλία της Gerry Μποζώνη στο Γρυπάρειο στα αγγλικά,
απευθυνόμενη στην σημαντική αγγλόφωνη κοινότητα του νησιού

Geraldine Μποζώνη
Geraldine Μποζώνη

Be active and vote for KEPOM

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,welcome to KEPOM.
KEPOM means Active Citizens Movement,and I can honestly say that Anna Kammi is one of the most active members of KEPOM.She has been active all of her life,representing people on various committees,and in different associations.She genuinely cares about people.
Anna Kammi is the ideal candidate to be mayor.There is no doubt about this.She is a woman,who gets her priorities right,hence,getting things done promptly.She coordinates her team,and delegates wherever possible,but at the ssame time,ensures that the job gets done.She believes that more is achieved through teamwork.She respects her team,supporting us and making improvements,whenever necessary.
She is also a good listener. In KEPOM,we usually meet once a month,to share ideas,these very ideas,as well as ideas which are already floating around in the community,are processed and discussed,in order to decide on the most appropriate action.She is patient and approachable,she aims to leave the Town Hall open to everybody who would like to be active in the decision making process. She is also honest,and a mobilizing force,able to make decisions,which may at times,be unpopular,in order to do whatever has to be done.Moreover,she is very knowledgeable,,she has been serving as a Town Councillor since 2012.She feels that progress is achieved through planning,hard work,patience,and perseverence.She is proactive,rather than reactive,believing that prevention is better than cure.
She is one of the founding members of MoikONOS,the recycling cooperative.KEPOM believe that recycling should be done at source.What is more,that the Municipality of Mykonos should collaborate with MoikONOS,as proposed by the Greek Recycling Organisation,which is the official government representative,and recycling authority in Greece.Recycling is an extremely lucrative business,that is why KEPOM want the recycling activity to provide an income,which can be reinvested in the community,We do not want the recycling effort to be privatised,and for one individual to make a fortune out of recycling.
The benefits of collaboration would be twofold.Firstly subsidies would be paid[these subsidies are not being paid presently,as the recyclable produce has to be certified by the Municipality of Mykonos to avail of these subsidies]This money could be used to improve the recycling effort,so that 90 per cent of the rubbish could be recycled.and extend the programme to include all categories of materials,which can be recycled.Secondly,the sale of the recyclable waste produce creates an income,which not only covers expenses,but would in the long-term,create a sizeable income.KEPOM also,propose composting,so that the landfill will take longer to fill up.
Another area of vital importance is the Health Centre
We demand that all permanent positions be filled,so that the current needs of the island can be met.We also propose that a public surgery be established,which would employ a social worker,a psychologist,radiology staff and cleaning staff.It would be housed in the same building,as the health centre,and would assist in its operation.Ano Mera requires 2 doctors,a nurse and an ambulance,KEPOM will make provision for these.Needless to say,the problem of the toxic waste will be dealt with immediately.
The third topic which KEPOM has focused on is Mykonos Town.We want to regenerate life in Mykonos Town.We propose making a number of changes:
Creation of a committee of able-minded and qualified people,who would be responsinle for enforcing the laws with regard to the reconstruction and redesign of buildings.
The operation of an Architectural Committee,which would access the decrees and change and update them when necessary.In addition,they would simplify the planning permission process.
Develop a plan for the reconstruction and redesign of shop fronts.
Proposal for the creation of a Cultural Youth Centre in Lakka.
Last but not least, the reconstruction of existing parking spaces where necessary,and the redesign of new parking spaces.
The last topic I would like to discuss is the water situation.KEPOM propose the following:
WATER CONSERVATION CAMPAIGN explaining the importance of saving water,and showing people how to actually save water.
CONTROL OF LEAKAGES and immediate repair of the existing transportation network so that it would be able to transport water which is processed by the desalination plants.
It is imperative that we link up the Marathi and Ano Mera water resevoirs.
REPAIR and expansion of the old desalination unit with a capacity of 2100 cubic metress every 24 hours.
IMMEDIATE payment in full of the 1,000,000 Euro owed by the Municipality of Mykonos to ΔΕΥΑΜ,for services rendered.
RECORD the number of wells,and reduce the number of new permits issued.
DEVELOP a PRICING SCALE,so that the cost of water to the consumer increases as consumption increases,in order to curb excessive water consumption.KEPOM believe that if these steps are carried out,the water needs will be able to be met.
KEPOM have also submitted a bilingual proposal to the Animal Welfare Society of Mykonos,so rest assured that animals are respected and will be looked ater when KEPOM is in the Town Hall.
To sum up, KEPOM have developed a worthwhole plan, with very specific proposals to make Mykonos a better and more humane place for all of us,who live here,and for the tourists who visit the island.KEPOM puts the person before everything else,it cares,be active and vote for KEPOM.
Thank you for giving me your time and your attention.

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