May 2014 Elections


Fokos area in Feb. 2014
Fokos area in Feb. 2014

Water is a precious resource of the community.The low water reserves in the watertanks in the port require immediate action,since the Summer months are almost upon us.Since this situation was not foreseen as it should have been,there was no programme,and needless to say,no long term plan,and last but not least, lower rainfall,the island is in a state of emergency.
For the shortage of water,and the low standard of the infrastructure,both the Municipality of Mykonos and ΔΕΥΑΜ must be held jointly responsible.
Why were measures not taken earlier? Why was something not done in time?
The main problems are:
The Administration and facilities of ΔΕΥΑΜ are not being managed in a satisfactory manner.The bad management,reduction in salaries,wages and bonuses are the main factors responsible for the inefficient operation of the waterworks.
Water is wasted,and there is overconsumption by consumers.
Water Conservation Campaign,immediately,using every possible form of media,including electronic.Projection of clever slogans which would emphasise the importance of water conservation.
Repair and expansion of the old desalination unit with a capacity of 2100 cubic metres/24 hours.
Control of the leakages,immediate repair of the existing transportation network[from desalination to tanks] and its extension so that it would transport the amount of water which could be processed by the desalination plants.
MAINTENANCE of the facilities and especially the water pump station in the Old Port,so that it could transport water from the boats to the water tanks.
LINKING UP of the water resevoirs in Marathi and Ano Mera.
SUPPLY of water by water trucks only from the desalination plants.
INFORM the public on how to reduce water consumption,and its importance.
PRICING SCALE,which would mean that the cost of water to the consumer,would increase as consumption increases,in an effort to curb excessive water consumption.
RECORD number of wells and reduce the number of new permits issued.
Action to be taken by the Municipality of Mykonos for the supply of water by special boats,even though it is not cost effective,it is absolutely essential.If steps had been taken in time,for the supply of the two portable units[which would cost 1,250,000 Euro plus VATfor both],we would have avoided the huge expense only for the transport of the water[e.g. 200,000 cubic metres of water at approximately 10Euro 2,000,000 Euro]Unfortunately,this is not expected to be in operation before September.
EXAMINE the possibility of using sea water.In Mykonos,there are 2000 swimming pools,with an average consumption of 80 cubic metres,that is 160,000 cubic metres.
AMENDMENT of the environmental terms,so that the hotels could use desalination plants,if ΔΕΗ could handle the increased workload effectively,and if an outlet for the excess salt could be found.
LISTING of the water resources according to area,and usage[agricultural,domestic,swimming pools]
EXAMINE the possibility of reusing the water,which has been used for washing the Sterilisation Filtering System for irrigation,so that it would not be wasted,by adding appropriate filters.
MODERNISATION of the Biological Waste Unit,and upgrading it to Γ level would provide the possibility[under certain conditions]of reusing this water for irrigation.This Biological Unit produces approximately 700,000 cubic metres of water annually.The unit carries out processing and partial sterilisation of the water,which makes it impossible to reuse the water,which has been processed in this way.
In conclusion,by reusing the water,produced by the Biological Unit and the conservation of water,it is estimated that the water shortage could be eliminated,and the required demand could be met.

ANO MERA ANNA KAMMI Tahydiilistirio



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