Declaration July 2010


If you care about Myconos
If you think Myconos deserves a better future
If you believe we can make a fresh start

Get involved!

Myconos, as indeed the whole of Greece, is in the middle of a deep
financial, social and moral crisis. Against this backdrop of
corruption, misrule and mismanagement we decided to form KEPOM, which
stands for «Mykonos Active Citizens’ Movement». Our aim is to
take part in the forthcoming municipal elections and try to change the
way our beautiful island is governed. In order to do that we need your
participation, your involvement and your vote.

We want to challenge what has proven to be an irresponsible,
inefficient and utterly corrupt status quo. For decades the local
affairs as well as the future of our island are in the hands of people
whose main concern is the pursuit of their personal interests and the
political gains of the parties they represent. This is unacceptable
and has to stop.

We propose an alternative way to run our local affairs. Our
municipality needs an open, transparent government. Our town council
should be open to every citizen because every citizen is entitled to
know how we spend his/her money and how we plan, arrange and deliver
the services we are responsible for. More than that, in order to
ensure that our «open government» will remain open and transparent, we
plan to encourage the constant rotation of the citizens acting as town
councilors or vice-mayors.

Top in our list of priorities is the implementation of a number of
policies designed to improve the quality of everyday life of the
Myconians. Families, children, students, working people, businessmen
and senior citizens, they all deserve a better Myconos. We must
guarantee that they live in a neat and clean environment, with
adequate local health services, good quality education, with proper
road network and traffic regulations that ensure the safety both of
the drivers and the pedestrians.

Myconos is home to some fabulous beaches, a unique country side and a
picturesque town. The wind shaped rocks, the hundreds of the little
churches, the whitewashed houses and the clear seawaters constitute
our precious heritage. Whether we are permanent residents, frequent
visitors, house owners, businessmen or part time employees we need to make sure that what makes Myconos so special today will remain in
place tomorrow. We live in one of the top tourist destinations in the
world. As we contemplate our future and the future of our children we
propose a model of sustainable growth and green development. It is not
our preferable choice. It’s our only option!

Myconos stands at a crossroads and its future hangs on the balance. If
what you just read makes some sense to you, please GET INVOLVED. Get
in touch and share your views with us. Register to vote. Together we
can influence the future of our island.

We have chosen Despina Nazou to lead our movement in the coming
municipal elections. We believe that she has the experience, the
skills and the professional background to become the next mayor of
Myconos. We are determined to stand by her side and help her make a

Together we can make a difference!

Mykonos, 5th of July, 2010

2 σκέψεις σχετικά με το “Declaration July 2010”

  1. Having visited Mykonos 41 times since 1970, I have seen a lot of changes and many not for the better – particularly the high prices of everything. Now I am going for holidays to Zakynthos because I can afford to go there.

    As my heart and soul has always been in Mykonos I would like to return but things much change. In the 1990’s between June and September visits I was part of a group of people from all over the world in excess of 120 but now I know that only about 10 people of that group now go to the island. That information tells it own story.

    If your candidate can make changes that will encourage people to return then I will be delighted to be first on the list.


  2. This is wonderful. We’ve been visiting Myconos for 32 and 43 years respectively and it is a place of our heart. We finally bought our own place in 2008 and love owning there. We’ve noticed how things could improve. I don’t know if we’re allowed a vote as home owners but we could help out perhaps in other ways when we’re there, which is usually the months of June and September. This year we return Sept 8th and leave Oct. 12th. We wish you the best of luck. Our contact numbers are 22890 ***** or 69********.
    Incidentally, our business background is as follows: Harry: London School of Economics, CEO of large textile manufacturer, now retired. Sharron: Market Development and Advertising, PNI & Heart Focus counsellor, pretty good photographer. When is the next election?


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